The Phaistos Disk

Artist, Mindy Belloff
Ed 20.; 12-inch circle; 2011
Letterpress printed with approximately 10 layered ink runs, with grey, silver, tan, and gold inks, on 100% handmade cotton rag paper by St. Armand of Montreal.
Price $185

The Phaistos Disk was unearthed in Crete in 1908, during a dig from the Minoan era, dated about 3600 years ago. It has been labeled the world’s oldest work printed with moveable type, a la Gutenberg, suggesting that stamps were used for repetitive shapes on the front and back of the clay disk. The mystery of the object has invited much speculation and attempts at deciphering its images, by men of numerous disciplines, engaged in a scholarly debate, as they try to solve the mystery of its code.  The broadside depicts the imagery of sides A and B of the disk with added text:  a humorous twist on the debate, with fragments of contemporary narrative.


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