Custom Letterpress & Binding

Letterpress printing today continues to excite with the most readable, elegant text available as 3-dimensional letters or a relief plate is pressed into a lush, high quality cotton paper. With the commonality of computers we forget the origins of letters originally drawn by a scribe, cut and cast one at a time, hand set, and prepared to go to press. Trendy, Elegant, Spectacular letterpress will add a dimension of awe and chic to your announcements, business brand or specialized gift.

At Intima Press Letterpress Designs we honor the labor and elegance of over 500 years ago, and print each design with the greatest care and attention to detail.  Our designs are a union of art historical traditions and modern sensibilities.  Although we love to keep the tradition of hand setting metal foundry type alive, much of our printing is done from digital design files and translated into a plate.  Our vintage letterpress renders beautiful impressions of type and images.

Fine binding is also a high craft and labor intensive process which can be customized for your special event, book of poems, or artist’s book project.  The structure should mesh with the concept of the piece:  accordion, pamphlet, multiple signatures; hard cover with silk book cloth or soft handmade rag paper wrappings.  We consult with you on your specific project, and provide the finest hand work with lovely high quality archival materials.

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