How to start your own Press

Business Consultations:  You love letterpress and paper and are considering starting your own press but don’t know where to begin? Our consults in how to start your own press have helped people set-up and run their new businesses: from Australia to Israel, and from Florida to Arizona! Geared to individuals, University print shops (starting up letterpress and book arts components), for new or established businesses.

Our consultations include private instruction customized to your specific interests (stationery, wedding invitations, greeting cards, or art prints, etc.). The focus may be on the basics of traditional typesetting and/or learning how to translate your digital computer design to plates and to press.  It may include bookbinding instruction as well.

We provide important tips on designing specifically for letterpress, multiple color printing, and short-cuts that will save you time, money and headaches as you start your business venture.  Choosing a press and knowing what equipment you will need to run a successful business is essential too.

A business consult ranges in price depending upon your specific interests, and all include contacts for equipment, detailed handouts, and a huge amount of information.  Most tutorials are scheduled for one full day or two half-days to accommodate those traveling into New York City, with follow up e-mails afterwards. Contact the Studio with your goals outlined, and we will customize a proposal just for you.

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