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In 2004, Mindy Belloff opened her new Print Shop to artists, writers, and students of all levels of experience, offering letterpress printing and book arts workshops at Studio on the Square (Union Square, NYC).  Studio on the SQ, or Intima Press Letterpress Studio, committed to helping artists develop their work in book form and passing on many years of knowledge of elegant letterpress printing and the art of the book as it has been handed down for over five centuries.  Intimate class sizes (most limited to 4 students) allowed for individual attention much like an apprenticeship in Gutenberg’s shop.

With an emphasis on the Art of the Book, students were encouraged to free up their thinking and experiment through their art practice. The Studio prides itself on cultivating creativity within a unique environment where artists engage in the rewarding processes of combining text and imagery. Open dialogue and process along with product, distinguished our workshops. To date, classes have been suspended as art projects take priority, though individual instruction and group tutorials may be scheduled.

Mindy Belloff’s teaching background includes visual arts classes in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and teaching graduate studies in the history of the book at Long Island University’s Palmer School of Library Science. She taught poets and writers as an Adjunct Professor at the New School Writing Program, letterpress to artists at the School of Visual Arts, and workshops in the art of the book as a Visitng Artist at Pyramid Atlantic, the Center for Book Arts, the Women’s Studio Workshop, the New York Public Library, the American Museum of Folk Art, and Florida Atlantic University. She has taught painting and drawing at extension programs at Cornell University, Hofstra University, and the San Francisco Art Institute. She is available for travel to lecture on contemporary books arts and teach bookbinding and printmaking workshops as a visiting artist (contact IntimaPress at

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