Intimate Works on Paper

Intima Gallery Artist’s Books Exhibition 2014
(availability and pricing are from 2014 – please inquire)

Evelyn Eller
Hidden Thoughts
Unique; 6″ x 6″; $400


Patricia Grass
Green Heron Press
I Have A Name
Ed. 5, Size 2 x 2 x 7, $225
Merike van Zanten, Double Dutch Design
Hopelessness:  Encyclopedia volume altered book from Depression series; quote from William Clark Styron’s Darkness Visible.
Unique; 13.25 x 9.5 x 2; $750

#2 full view

Merike van Zanten, Double Dutch Design
Solitude: Encyclopedia volume altered book from Depression series; excerpt from J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye,on adolescent alienation and loss of innocence.
Unique; 13.25 x 9.5  x 1.75; $500Merike van Zanten, Double Dutch Design
What Would the Neighbors Think Open round handmade box with archival inkjet printed photographs on accordion-fold paper; four drawers with ephemera.
Unique; 6 x 10.5 diameter; $2,500

#1 detail

Lynn Skordal
Grand Rapids 1937: Altered book of Polk’s Grand Rapids City Directory, carved to show 152 of the men, women and children inhabiting this small Midwestern city.  Ribbon bookmark text, “Always remember where you came from, even if you travel far…”
Unique; 10.75”h x 7”w x 3.25”d; $900



Jenn Adams
The B Press
I am not what you think I see Image transfers printed on an intaglio press with text letterpress printed.
Ed. 16; 5 x 5 inches, 14 pages, $65 Adams02 Adams02detail

Jenn Adams
The B Press
Ed. 10; 3.5  x 8, 12-pages, $75

Adams01 Adams01detail
Mary-Ellen Campbell

The First Snow
Digital photographs from upstate NY, poem
Ed. 20; 7 x 6 x 2: $110


Mary-Ellen Campbell

Grass Roots
Digital photos of grasses in California; poem about immigration. Ed. 20; 4.5 x 8 x 1”; $110campbellME02campbee ME02detail

Laurie Weiss

Tea Talk
Unique; 9.75 x 5.25; $200


Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
#25: Spiritual Synthesis: Book of Mexican amatyl paper, Nepalese paper, brass beads, thread, and grape vine tendrils; in a cradle of 3 grape vine bundles representing spiritual synthesis; base of board and paper.
Unique;6.5”h x 12”w x 6.5”d; $650


Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Spirit Book #54: Awakened Guidance Lokta papers from Nepal, amate paper from Mexico, teasel seed heads, beads of glass and myrrh, and thread in a cradle of wood on a base of board and paper.
Unique; 5”h x 12”w x 6.5”d; $650


Cristina de Almeida
To the [foot of the] letter Digital prints
Ed. 5; 10 x 8; $100


Alfredo Rivera
Lithography & Silkscreen accordion fold inside clamshell box with copper etched inset in cover.
Ed. 9; 11 x 10; $750

Nostalgia 01

Mindy Belloff, Intima Press
In the Garden of Earthly Delights
Based upon Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings; eleven multiple colored etchings with hand painting; three contemporary poems hand set in metal type and printed letterpress; three-quarter leather bound with onlays in full leather slip case.  See Intima Press Fine Editions for additional information.
Ed. 12; 11 x 7.5; $3,500


Mindy Belloff, Intima Press
Night After Night
Two voices: Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke and Steven Gentile, etching, hand set metal and wood type, inside clamshell portfolio.
Ed. 5 (variations); 10.5 x 9; $600


Casey Gardner, Set in Motion Press
Handbound Letterpress printed book structure with pop-out Turkish map
Ed. 50; 5.75 x 11.5” (Open:  11.5”  x  11.5”); $600


Casey Gardner, Set in Motion Press
Body of Inquiry
Letterpress printed triptych with pop-up structures
Ed. 57; 9.75  x  15.25; Open:   28.50  x  15.25; $1,200

Gardner3_Body of Inquiry
GardnerDetailBody of Inquiry

Photography, Prints, & Mixed Media

Lynn Skordal
River Triptych
Cut & paste paper collage on old book covers.
Unique; 9”h x 16”w; $800


Lynn Skordal
It Wasn’t Clear What Happened Here
Cut & paste paper collage, inkjet images, pigmented wax, on old book cover.
Unique; 8.5  x 10.25 framed (4×6 image);  $400


Rich Turnbull
Vertical I & Vertical II
Unique; 7 x 7 framed – Sold (additional unique prints available)


Steven Gentile
Not a hint of rain in soft September skies
Pencil on brown paper bag
9″ x 11″ framed; $300


Steven Gentile
the last words
Pen on memo paper.
9 x 11 shadow box frame; $200


Michael Kriegh
Ice Cave
Archival inkjet print
16 x 13.5; $275

20140305-011 Beacon, NY

Michael Kriegh
Archival inkjet print
16 x 13.5; $275

20140315-011 Beacon, NY

Andrew Halpern
Paris, Past, present, and future
Photography 12 x 18;  $650


Andrew Halpern
Vertigo Photography
12 x 18;  $495.00


Ken Cohen
Eat, Drink, Bike
Collage composition of ephemera and recyclables
16 x 16; $300

KenCohen EatDrinkBike

Ken Cohen
Collage composition of ephemera and recyclables
16 x 16; $300


Christine Yates
Just a Hint
Mixed media digital print
13 x 17.75; $300


Carey Jackson-Adams
Venice 2
15 x 13 (framed); 7 x 5; Collage; $135


Carey Jackson-Adams
Landscape #4
15 x 13 (framed); 7 x 5; Collage; $135


Erica Tener
Columnas y El Cielo – Columns against blue sky
12 x 8 print; $300


Erica Tener
Cacto y Puente – Cactus Garden
12 x 8 print; $300


Richard Edelman, Woodstock Graphics Studio
Blue #4
Pigmented ink on rag paper; $600

Stolen Portrait, Blue, #4

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