The Art of Craftmanship

Gavin Dovey's unique leather covers, end sheets and binding of the Walt Whitman edition w/illustrated engravings by Gaylord Schanilec.

Mindy Belloff & Denise Dovey on the boat with Lady Liberty in the background!

Last night we headed to Governor’s Island for an unusual exhibition of artisans and fashion designers (  Gavin Dovey of Paper Dragon Books ( created an amazing leather binding.  The details and craftsmanship are awesome!  The talented leather bookbinder was inspired by the “Wrenching Times” edition from Gregynog Press.  Gavin created a new cover and endsheets.  He used Civil War photos from the archives of the Library of Congress, and I helped to turn these into polymer plates, as we printed them directly on leather on my Uni III.  Gavin then was engaged in a long process of dying the leather and piecing together a gorgeous design, also using gold leaf, to create and bind the book.  The covers and front sheets show a great respect for the inside pages with Gaylord Schanilec’s expertly rendered wood engravings.

Gavin letterpress printing a civil war jpeg on leather at Intima Press.

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