Mindy Belloff as JCBA’s Artist of the Week

Please view the video of “A Golden Thread: The Minotaur” here:


Many thanks to John, Eric and Daniel at FAU’s Jaffe Center for their lovely words and honoring me in their Artist of the Week series. From John Cutrone:

at Florida Atlantic University Libraries , Our curators this week have chosen MINDY BELLOFF of Intima Press as JCBA’s Artist of the Week.
Mindy is someone I met years and years ago: it was probably 2003 or so that we held an exhibition of Mindy Belloff’s work in the early days of the Jaffe Collection, the small library collection of artists’ books that would eventually evolve into a book arts center. I don’t think we’ve met again since, but I was impressed with her work then, and have heard many good things through the years… especially concerning her project about Mary Katherine Goddard, who printed the first edition of the Declaration of Independence that included all the names of the signers (and her own name, as well)––a treasonable offense against the Crown. I think the Mary Katherine Goddard story is so amazing, and was so pleased that Mindy Belloff had taken up that torch.
Watch Mindy’s 5-minute video at our Vimeo Channel for news on a more current project: her limited edition book and exhibition “A Golden Thread,” based on the story “The Minotaur” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Here’s the video link:
Congratulations, Mindy!


John Cutrone, Director
Jaffe Center for Book Arts
Florida Atlantic University Libraries
Boca Raton, FL
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