Broken Ground

Artist, Mindy Belloff
Ed. 30, 9-page Accordion Fold; 12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ each page; 2003
Images from original watercolor, gouache, ink, and pigment paintings (1992); Digitally printed with archival pigmented inks on acid-free Somerset Velvet papers; covers on Asahi white book cloth; Inside a unique white fabric and red silk covering.
Broken Ground
is an eruption of spontaneous writing interwoven throughout bold painting. Nine diary entries meditate on lost loves, youthful desire, and a struggle for self-knowledge. The shifting moods of the Artist’s prose, embedded in paintings composed of ink blots, splotches of color, and a maze of personal iconography, draws the viewer into a world at once unique and universal, in this evocative quest for emotional growth and insight.
Price $800

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