In class this week!

There is always so much going on in the Studio and so little time to post!

In class this week, Pam worked on her new accordion book, printing layers of “X” designs in green, gray and violet; Jenna finished letterpress printing the last page of her funky but oh so elegant “Hello” book (a humorous homage to Lionel Ritchie) and Rich completed a few new books of layered wood type + silkscreen prints.

Awesome Artist's Books!

Janice continued to work on her hand set wedding invitations in metal Bodoni type.  We are almost ready to go to press!

DIY Letterpress Wedding Invites!

and I have been preparing the second edition print of the Declaration of Independence, making a new large clamshell box for my printed wedding samples, and a new quick wood type broadside, letterpress printed with hand inking:

Wood type press set-up

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