I am my own worst anxiety

Artist, Mindy Belloff
Edition 10, 7″ x 10″; c. 1998
Photographs with text digitally printed on translucent Thai paper; Unique sewn binding; Salago orange covers; Inside clam shell box with red silk cloth and Moriki red trays.
I am my own worst anxiety is a book of photographic self-portraits with text digitally printed. The translucent paper creates an afterimage when the page is turned. This private monologue whispers: I exhaust myself ~ Trying to dodge my shadows ~ Constantly shedding my skin . . .
Price $750 (few remaining)

I am my own worst anxiety inspired a longer text which was recorded in a layered audio on a 6-minute loop, mixed media installation, shown at PS 122 in New York City: “And we always thought we were the normal ones…” (1999).


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