Fall weddings, church prints, & letterpress classes at the Studio!

Wow, where did the past 10 days go?  The Studio has been very busy with a new wedding design of the Brooklyn Bridge in the works, and with Fall classes in full swing:  Art of the Book, Introduction to Letterpress, and Adventures in Letterpress workshops.

Jenna's Hello Book is in the binding stage!

New bookmarks in Introduction to Letterpress

We also met Bill from the historic Park Church uptown, who had two old engraving plates he had found in the archives.  The wood was very warped but fortunately, our Vandercook Universal III has an adjustable press bed.  Mindy Belloff worked slowly, adjusting various parts of the press and plate, and pulling many proofs in order to get a great looking print!

Architectural drawings of the Church from 1870

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