The Lovers Discourse Can Only Be Horizontal after Roland Barthes

Artist, Mindy Belloff; Poet, Deborah Landau
Ed. 80, 8″ x 10″; 2006
Letterpress printed, 2-color
“I was ruminating in a January of park
mild and bare branched
gray entourage of buildings
and the skyline how I like it
pressing up against my neck”
Price $40…

A Satyr Against Marriage

Artist, Mindy Belloff; Poet, Anonymous 1700
Ed. 100, 10″ x 8″; 2006
Letterpress printed 2-color, from original digital design; Text from an anonymous author, book entitled “A Satyr Against Marriage,” printed in London in 1700, from the collection of the New York Public Library.
“Live happy in a quiet single life, 
Hunt foxes, wolves, but shun the Marriage Strifes. 
. . . Conjur’d to one, a double helpless thing, 
By …

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