A Golden Thread

A Golden Thread: The Minotaur – A Contemporary Illumination
Mindy Belloff, artist, designer, printer, and publisher.
On exhibit at the PEABODY ESSEX MUSEUM
September 28, 2019 through December 27, 2020, Salem, Massachusetts
The Creative Legacy of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Selections from the Phillips Library Collection
Text The Minotaur short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne from Tanglewood Tales, 1853. Additional text includes quotes of Carl Jung and text from Lorem Ipsum.
Edition of 32 standard in quarter leather and 8 deluxe design bindings, all with 23-karat gilt edges, one hundred original drawings and two hundred press runs; 14.75 x 11 inches; 2018.
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Released May 2018, A Golden Thread is a new tour de force edition from Intima Press. This livre d’artiste focuses on the classic Greek tragedy of Theseus, the brave son of King Aegeus, who ventures into Daedalus’ labyrinth with his sword at the ready, and a silken thread in hand held by the heroine, Ariadne, who awaits at the entrance to the maze.

Composed of 100 original drawings, each page is meticulously designed and letterpress printed in multiple press runs with an elegant color palette. With inspiration from historic illuminated manuscripts, the pages in the first and third sections are adorned with hand drawn initial caps, ornate borders, and lively calligrams. A selection of the exquisite illustrations are hand painted with watercolor and gouache. Elegantly typeset in Adobe Garamond with additional type faces, the text comes alive, as it gradually becomes larger and more animated with each page, as Theseus bravely winds his way through the dreaded labyrinth to confront the bull-headed monster. The dynamic typographic designs of the middle section of the book become more frenzied and chaotic as the narrative describes the fight between the beast and the hero.

The pages are printed on lush cotton rag papers with deckled fore edge. The story unfolds on ivory colored pages which darken to tan as our hero enters the mizmaze, and transitions to bright white as he emerges victorious. The St. Armand paper fibers are made of offcuts from the clothing industry (T-shirts, denim) and flax straw sourced from farms.

Fine Edition limited to 32 + 8 deluxe with design bindings (tba), 92-pages [28 blank] in format of folios. Printed on a Vandercook Uni III Automatic A/B press. Endsheets letterpress printed, front and back uniquely illustrated. One hundred original drawings and approximately two hundred press runs. Two gilt edges on head and tail in 23-karat gold, with cover design and label in gold foil on leather, gilded by Peter Geraty, MA. Hand sewn on linen tapes with cover in quarter leather Pergamena blue calf skin with white Canal paper, housed inside a gold cloth clamshell box with gold foil stamped leather label, bound by Celine Lombardi, NY. Cotton rag papers in ivory, tan, and white, made at St. Armand Paperie, Canada. Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates produced at Boxcar Press, NY. Signed by the artist, M. Belloff, Intima Press, New York, NY.

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