Meditations on Bachelard’s Poetics of Space

Studio on the SQ Book Arts Collective
Artists:  Jenn Adams, Mindy Belloff, Lisa Cirando, Suzanne Coley, Jim Eigo, Pam Heller, Rich Turnbull
Ed. 30.; 10 1/2″ x 7 1/4″; 2010
Letterpress printing, digital output, stenciling, linocut and stamping on architectural papers; 2010.
Words…are little houses. Bachelard ruminates on images of intimacy, addressing the poetics of the house both psychoanalytically and phenomenologically: from the body of the house as a metaphor for the human soul, to the things contained in a house, to intimate spaces and relativity of size.  Seven artists created a response each to a chapter of the book, on pages which are actual architectural renderings. These sheets provided an instant ground for the creation of layered narratives.  While a number of chapters have a quiet feel, others announce themselves in large shapes and vivid colors that mostly obliterate the layers below. The final compilation demonstrates a lovely element of surprise, the beauty of the hand, and intimate variations on the poetics of space.
Price $280

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