The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island


Poet, P.F. Witte
Artist, Mindy Belloff
Ed. 100, 10″ x 8″; 2008
Letterpress printed 4-color from original digital design, hand set in Kable metal type.
“High up on the Wonder Wheel, the two of us in one of its many cages,
we are mermaids born in the green-brown of the Atlantic
…And we, so far above all this, ride a mechanical ocean… ”
Price $40…

The Lovers Discourse Can Only Be Horizontal after Roland Barthes


Artist, Mindy Belloff; Poet, Deborah Landau
Ed. 80, 8″ x 10″; 2006
Letterpress printed, 2-color
“I was ruminating in a January of park
mild and bare branched
gray entourage of buildings
and the skyline how I like it
pressing up against my neck”
Price $40…

A Satyr Against Marriage


Artist, Mindy Belloff; Poet, Anonymous 1700
Ed. 100, 10″ x 8″; 2006
Letterpress printed 2-color, from original digital design; Text from an anonymous author, book entitled “A Satyr Against Marriage,” printed in London in 1700, from the collection of the New York Public Library.
“Live happy in a quiet single life, 
Hunt foxes, wolves, but shun the Marriage Strifes. 
. . . Conjur’d to one, a double helpless thing, 
By …

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